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Android Auto has problems with Google Maps dark mode

Android Auto has problems with Google Maps dark mode

Google Maps and Android Auto are two extremely “linked” services: being Android Auto designed specifically for cars, an application to view maps, get directions or see how busy the stretch of road to go to work will be. becomes extremely useful (not to mention fundamental). Precisely for this reason, any bug that plagues Google Maps on Android Auto can become particularly annoying.

The latest problem encountered on Android Auto concerns the application of BigG maps: according to what some users reported on the official Google support forum, Maps dark mode does not work properly on Android Auto. In fact, the app should show the day or night display based on the time and replicate everything on the Android Auto display, while for different users the dark mode always active, both day and nighteven when the application is set to automatically switch the map display according to the time.

Put simply, rather than relying on the Maps setup, Android Auto relies on the smartphone setting to set the map display type: this means that if the dark theme is set on your device but the automatic change based on the time is set on Maps, Android Auto will still continue to show the dark map all the timewithout the possibility of changing this setting if not also changing the theme on the smartphone.

To be affected by this bug are the versions 11.33 or higher of Google Maps and 7.6 of Android Auto. At the moment a definitive solution is not known: while we wait for Google to release an update to fix this bug, it is possible install a version earlier than 11.33 of Maps ocmanually change the smartphone theme (or use Waze, which is not affected by this bug). One user however stated that Maps 11.35 beta fixes this bugso it is necessary to wait for Google to release this update also on the stable channel.

News coming to Android Auto

Despite this annoying bug, Android Auto users will certainly be happy with the news coming to Google’s car operating system. The company has in fact announced that one will soon arrive new interface viewwhich will allow you to have three apps at the same time and will allow the system to adapt to screens of non-canonical shapes, as well as the support for suggestions on actions to be taken through Google Assistant.

Small sore point: Android Auto’s smartphone app is about to retire. Google has in fact begun to warn users who use the app that soon this will no longer be available and supported: this means that to use Android Auto it will be necessary to have a compatible car or in any case of a third-party infotainment system that supports the operating system.

Google also began work on vAndroid Auto version 7.7: in May the beta version of the software was released, but we do not know the changelog. In all likelihood, version 7.7 (like 7.6) will also include almost exclusively bug fixes and problems. It is not clear when stable Android Auto 7.7 will be released: the update will probably come along with the next Google Feature Drop.