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Android Auto seems to have some issues with Wi-Fi connectivity

Android Auto seems to have some issues with Wi-Fi connectivity

Android Auto, the Google operating system designed to work on cars, has always been affected by a few bugs too many: in fact, in recent months we have told you about some system bugs, such as related to the dark mode of Google Maps or malfunctions of the wireless mode. Now, however, some users are noticing a new bug.

On the Google support forum a user noticed that Android Auto no longer shows the Wi-Fi connection icon: Android Auto in fact should always show the icon relating to the connectivity in use by the smartphone (for example, if the phone is connected in 4G, Android Auto should show the 4G icon and so on). In the case of Wi-Fi, therefore, the operating system no longer shows the icon for some users, despite the smartphone being connected to Wi-Fi.

Instead, according to the statements of a couple of users on Reddit, not showing the Wi-Fi icon would not be just an aesthetic problem of little consequence: in their experience, in fact, Android Auto would have some problems connecting to the smartphone when it is connected via Wi-Fi (for example, if the phone is connected to the hotspot, Android Auto does not work, while if it is connected to Android Auto it can no longer connect to the hotspot).

The use of Wi-Fi in the car is more common than one might think: in fact, many users connect to a wireless hotspot when they are in the car and this practice is also required when using external dongles to use Android Auto wirelessly (as with the AA Wireless device we have already reviewed).

Another user, this time on the Google forum, spoke of a similar behavior: in his case, the problem was related to the difference between the 5 GHz network used by Android Auto for wireless functionality and the 2.4 GHz network used by hotspots. In any case, it seems that all the problems have occurred on the version 7.8 of Android Auto.

It is therefore difficult to understand what is the cause of the problem, given that for some users this is just a cosmetic bug (the Wi-Fi icon simply does not appear) while for others it is a actual wireless connection malfunction. We will therefore see what Google will say about it.