Android-> iPhone-> Android whatsapp history

I was using whatsapp on my android phone, then i had to switch to iphone and now i am thinking of going back to my android.

I made an iPhone backup with itunes, took whatsapp backup files and put them on my android phone. I need both: chat and media (videos, images and more).

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What happened is that I lost all history before iPhone even though I can see my Google Drive backup is ~ 300Mb. I tried to delete the whatsapp file and restore again but it seems that the corrupt / incorrect backup files have been replaced by the original ones and there is no way to go back 🙁 The good thing is that I have backed up whatsapp on Android in another also google account 🙂

So what is the procedure for merging my old story from android, my new story from iphone and back to android with a full story?

What free software did you use?

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Thank you!

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