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Android wants to become your lifesaver

Android wants to become your lifesaver

Although silently, smartphones have become one of the most valid tools to be able to meet us in case of emergency or need. In fact, more and more smartphones integrate emergency systems to alert relatives or friends in case of need and even Android has already moved in this direction.

Today at Google I / O 2022 the company is announcing further steps in this direction. The Emergency Location Services system that allows rescuers to track down the smartphone of those seeking help with greater precision expands to new countries: Bulgaria, Paraguay, Spain and Saudi Arabia. At the moment there is no information on our country (which should adapt to the European regulation).

One of the novelties that will then see its radius expand is Early Earthquake Warnings which warns Android users a few moments in advance of the arrival of an earthquake in their area. The company says it is rolling out this service in new risky countries and regions around the world, in addition to the 25 already active.

Google is also working on bringing the feature to SOS emergency (which we talked about at the beginning) also on Wear OS, as well as in Android 13 (as in previous versions). This will allow you to quickly contact trusted family or friends in an emergency, right from your watch.

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