Arma Reforger instead of Arma 4? A leak about the new Bohemia Interactive game

Arma III can still sell great, and players have little reason to complain about the lack of new content. Nevertheless, here and there opinions appear that after more than seven years it is high time for the next installment of the series. Perhaps the wishes of these fans will soon be fulfilled, though not necessarily in the way they want. This is suggested by the reports of Biostiel, a well-known insider claiming to be an employee of the Bohemia Interactive studio. On Twitter, he posted a handful of screenshots and information about the production entitled Arma Reforger. Meanwhile, Biostiel has deleted his account and started a new one, but his entries were immortalized by other internet users, including MrDisposableUsername from Reddit.

Source: MrDisposableUsername (Reddit).

Biostiel emphasized that Arma Reforger (the subtitle is probably related to the Reforger exercises carried out by NATO during the Cold War) is not a large part of the cycle. The game is to be a test for Enfusion – the new Bohemia Interactive engine. This one is not ready for yet Army 4which, as Biostiel claims, is still years away. Therefore, Reforger will be a fairly modest project focused on a multiplayer game with only two game modes. There is no question of a free title in the style of Argo. Arma Reforger will be released this year on PC and “Xbox” as a paid production. The title will also go to PlayStation, but later, as it has not yet received a Sony certification.

Source: MrDisposableUsername (Reddit).

Interestingly, Biostiel also mentioned the planned resignation of Steam as a platform for Bohemia Interactive games. The studio is working on its own launcher, which, however, will still allow you to use modifications (including paid ones). These can be checked in Arma Reforgerwhich shouldn’t be surprising. After all, one of the advantages of Enfusion is to give up the so-called hard coding, which will facilitate the work of both developers and mod makers.

In short, there is a chance for a new installment of the series this year, but we will have a long wait for a real Arma 4. At least if you believe Biostiel, and while he can be considered a relatively reliable source, it’s still just unofficial information. Therefore, we emphasize not to treat this and other leaks as confirmed until the official announcements of the creators.

Source: MrDisposableUsername (Reddit).

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