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Bluetooth 5.3: news and which smartphones will have it

Bluetooth 5.3: news and which smartphones will have it

The current panorama of smartphones includes for all models different modules for connectivity wireless. The best known and most long-lived are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In recent years, NFC has also arrived, essential for digital payments, and the ultrawidebandwhich we have fully described in this article.

Going there to focus on Bluetooth Let’s start with a very quick overview, as this wireless connectivity standard has been on the market for decades. Perhaps not everyone knows the origin of his name and how it is related to the story of the Danish King Harald Blåtand, said Harald Blue Tooth. In addition to the fascinating history, Bluetooth ensures connectivity between connected devices and the smartphone.

Last year the Bleutooth 5.3, the very latest version of the connectivity standard. The novelty will arrive on all smart devices, with smartphones, wearables and audio devices in the front row. So let’s go see what will be the news that it includes in addition to the devices that will show it off first.


Main news

Bluetooth 5.3 will have technical innovations interesting, which represent an evolution compared to that offered by Bluetooth 5.2 that we find in the most updated devices from the hardware point of view on the market. So let’s go see them in detail.

Market release

The new Bluetooth 5.3 standard was unveiled last July 2021. So far the main technical innovations have been illustrated, from Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the association that deals with managing the standard at an international level. The arrival of Bluetooth 5.3 is the evolution of Bluetooth 5.2, the standard that we currently find on the most recent technological devices and which was officially launched in January 2020.

Currently on the market we can already find devices that can rely on Bluetooth 5.3, especially on audio accessories. The new standard is also expanding to the panorama smartphoneas we will see in the following paragraph.

Smartphone with Bluetooth 5.3

The first smartphone in the world to be able to count on Bluetooth 5.3 is Realme GT Neo 3. The device of the Chinese company also went down in history for being the first to support fast charging with output up to 150W. For more details on smartphones with faster fast charging you can refer to this article.

So to test the potential of Bluetooth 5.3 first hand, you can refer to Realme GT Neo 3, which you already find on the market. In addition to this, Redmi K50 and Redmi K50 Pro were also launched with the 5.3 standard. However, these devices are not yet marketed in Western markets.

In short, it is quite clear that in the near future the smartphone market will fully embrace the new Bluetooth 5.3 standard. We expect the new models to hit the market during the second half of 2022.