Brazilian GTA looks like a joke and is set to hit the Xbox Series X / S


  • another GTA clone? Yes, this time in Brazilian favelas. The premiere “soon” :).

The game by Rockstar Games is one of the most recognizable titles in the world. Often, even people who are not players easily associate the abbreviation GTA. It is no wonder then that clones of this extremely popular production are still being made. A game with a rather intriguing title 171 he is clearly trying to sail on the wave of success of the iconic brand. The Betagames studio behind it intends to release the game on PC, as well as on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and, interestingly, even next-genes, specifically the Xbox Series X / S. In an interview with Gematsu, Marivaldo Cabral, CEO of QUByte Interactive, said there should also be a version for PlayStation 5.

The last entry on Twitter informs about it:

We would like to announce our partnership with QUByte Interactive, which will be responsible for transferring and introducing 171 game also to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and next-generation Xbox devices from the X and S series. More game news coming soon!

The action of the game is to take place in a fictional Brazilian city. The materials published so far show that most of the areas are a bit like favelas. The plot doesn’t even seem original. The protagonist with the familiar-sounding name of Nicolau (i.e. Nico), instead of being a law-abiding, hard-working citizen, he chooses the wrong path. The title is to offer a typical sandbox gameplay, shootings with the police and a city full of NPCs reacting to the player’s actions. The vehicles can be tuned (or at least changed wheels).

All in all, it’s not that bad, you can even see the bullet holes ?

How does it look in practice? The 171 Trailers might have been impressive… but about ten years ago. The graphics, to put it mildly, “do not knock you down”, although I personally saw much worse GTA clones. How is this product going to compete with other titles on the Xbox Series X / S (and even on PS4)? Indeed, this question is difficult to answer. The gameplay is already a bit better, the shooting looks tolerable, the vehicles seem to use some driving physics. Interestingly, the history of Twitter entries shows that the title has been created for over 5 years. The game is currently in pre-alpha status and the release date is “Em Breve” which means “soon”.

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