Charging an iPhone 4S with a Samsung USB charger

I have an iPhone 4S that I get through a USB cable (connected to my laptop). I also have a Samsung USB charger with the following specs: 5.0V and 1.0A.

Is it safe to connect my Apple USB cable to the Samsung charger and charge my iPhone like this?

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Should I worry it might blow up?

If I use a charger with more / less amps, does it matter?

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While I personally won’t stick a non-A-brand charger on my iPhone, theoretically if the charger delivers 5V and does it on a USB connector, it doesn’t matter where the power comes from.

The more amps the faster it will load from the iPhone. I have been charging my iPhone with my iPad charger for years without any problems.

Apple currently has 3 types of USB chargers

  • IPhone charger: 5 volts 1 amp = 5 watts
  • Old iPad type: 5 volts 2 amps = 10 watts
  • iPad ‘new’ type (from iPad 4 on): 5 volts 2.4 amps = 12 watts

The Samsung 1 amp charger you are talking about will give the same results as the original iPhone charger.

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