Create 3D Photos with Autodesk 123D Catch

If your thing is to create 3D images that you cannot watch 3D movies on your mobile, you will surely be interested in the next application that we are going to talk about. Is about Autodesk 123D Catch.

3D amateurs or professionals will already know Autodesk, one of the best developers when it comes to 3D. Well now they have brought to Android their new proposal for be able to create 3D models just by using the camera of our mobile.

When choosing an object, such as a chair, we will have to take several photos from different angles and by doing this, Autodesk 123D Catch will offer us a 3D model of our object. But it is not only valid for material things, but it can also be used in places and obtain a 3D modeling of it.

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Once we have our creation already made. We can share it with the great 123D Cath community and get feedback or comment on other creations within the Autodesk social network. We can also send our 3D modeling by email or from among other popular social networks.

Download 123D Catch

The application is free but within it we find the but that there are integrated purchases. So we could define it as fremium.