Download your Netflix chapters in high definition on your iPhone

Download all the chapters of Netflix in high definition on both the iPhone and the iPad and enjoy them with more quality.

Today we teach you to download Netflix chapters in high definition on the iPhone or iPad, to be able to see them like that with higher quality.

Netflix has been a true revolution for television that we know today. And it is that the way in which we had to see series and movies has changed, giving us the possibility to see it when and how we want. They also give us the possibility of being able to see it practically on any device, something that says a lot about this great platform.

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Now, in addition to all this, they also let us download our favorite series and movies to be able to watch them without being connected to the Internet.


We already show you how to download on this platform, if you don’t know how to do it, you can press HERE and follow the steps that we give you.

To be able to download in high definition we must go to the application settings by clicking on the horizontal bars button and we scroll to the bottom, where we find a tab with the name of “Application settings”.

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Download your Netflix chapters in high definition on your iPhone

Within this tab we will see a new menu in which we must look at “Video quality” and click on this new tab.

They will now give us to choose 2 new options: Standard or High. By default the “Standard” option is selected, but since we want to have them in high definition, we must select the one that says “High”.

Download your Netflix chapters in high definition on your iPhone

They tell us from Netflix that by selecting this option, obviously the content will occupy much more space on our device. But this will make the quality much higher.

From APPerlas We recommend downloading them in standard format, since it also looks very good and it will take up much less time. But if we have a device with more memory, do not hesitate to download it in high definition.

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