Facebook will allow sharing content on WhatsApp by button

Although Facebook and WhatsApp have recently made it clear that they will continue to work on their projects separately – beyond the fact that the former owns the latter – that does not mean that users cannot take better advantage of them. In fact, in the last hours they have begun to circulate information and images that show that the social network plans to add a button to share all kinds of content through the messenger.

Facebook wants us to use WhatsApp to inform us

Indeed, the fact is that according to rumors, the new version of Facebook, would be adding a series of differences with the previous ones, among which the use of a new button “Share on WhatsApp”. By clicking on it, we would then have the chance to share all the contents of the social network in our conversations or groups of the most famous messenger.

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From what can be seen in the images, the new and more than interesting button appears directly in the bottom bar that contains the Like, Comment and Share buttons and which is of course widely used by users of the social network. There we can see the appearance on the scene of the famous WhatsApp logo that we all know, accompanied in addition to the word “Send” or “Send”, according to the language in which we have configured the system.

At the same time that we click on the mentioned button, the operation of the system would then determine that we can select one of the contacts or groups from the agenda that we have on the mobile. However, it is unknown if the contents will appear in the form of images or directly as a URL, although in any of the cases what is interesting is the appearance of this function on stage.

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Do you like the “Share on WhatsApp” button that Facebook adds?