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Fast Pair Coming to Wear OS Paves the Way for Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro?

Fast Pair Coming to Wear OS Paves the Way for Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro?

We’ve been talking quite often about Fast Pairthe pairing mode between Bluetooth devices introduced by Google in 2017 and that could come for everyone with Android 13.

Fast Pair saves paired headphones and earphones on the Google account for easy access on others devices via a system-wide notification. The feature is also used by Fitbit devices during initial setup, it would be coming up as well Chrome OS and may soon be introduced on Wear OS.

The news comes from the change log of Google System Updates, which in the “Device connections“literally indicates:

Fast Pair on Wear OS allows you to detect and connect previously paired headphones to wearable devices (Available via Google Play v22.24 services)

This update to Google Play services has not yet been implemented on watches with Wear OS and it is not clear what will change from the point of view interfaceeven because Google did not do any official announcement to the Google I / O. The only statement in this sense had reached the CES 2022 when the company said it was working “to further extend Fast Pair audio connectivity with wearables, headphones, speakers and cars and extend it to smart TVs and home devices.”

Fast Pair on Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro, but not only

The update it could also be interesting in view of the talked about Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro Pixel Buds ProGoogle claims you can “easily switch from music on your phone to video calls on your laptop” while on the front Pixel Watchthe Mountain View company describes precisely the detection and connectivity capabilities of Fast Pair mentioned by Play services.

In fact, always with regard to Pixel Buds ProGoogle says that “With Fast Pair, it’s quick and easy to connect headsets together, clock and telephone. Pixel Buds Pro it also makes it easy to automatically switch audio between watches, phones and laptops. “

In short, it seems that the new update has been introduced precisely for the new deviceseven as we have seen in theory Fast Pair it shouldn’t be limited to Pixel Watch but it should reach all devices Wear OS.