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Free keyboards for Android

Free keyboards for Android

There keyboard stock of our Android smartphone generally works well (in most cases it is or Gboard or the Samsung keyboard) and doesn’t give us too many concernsso why change it?

It is also true that currently the keyboards for Android have reached a degree of development so high that there are few points of differentiation. However, some may want to try some alternativesor for the sake of change or because it is attentive to privacy and does not want to give their data to some company. In this article we will show you the keyboards Android freehighlighting those that are trulyi.e. that they do not collect our data for advertising or other purposes, and which at the same time are constantly updated.

Free Android keyboards

In addition to those indicated below, we suggest you also take a look at our page dedicated to the best Android keyboards, where you will also find variants with the good old T9 and small ad-hoc guides to install or restore them.


Let’s start our list with two keyboards truly free. Maybe they won’t the functionalities of the most famous apps, but at least they do not collect our datawhich makes them by right the best in this sense, given that i our data they have value (maybe not for us, but for big internet companies, yes, which is why they are so rich).

The first is OpenBoarda keyboard free And open source based on AOSP, from the appearance enjoyable and curated (supports Material You themes), sparse functionality and pay attention to privacy. It is also constantly updated.

Forget about particular functions, here yes writes: there’s a text correctoras mentioned the themes Material You stop. There is no scroll typing, for those who use it, there is no search for GIF, stickersvideo of YouTube or artificial intelligences that support us. That said it is one AOSP keyboardand it doesn’t even need the Google Play Services to work, so great for those who are into the world of modding and divorced from the great G.

Simple Keyboard

Here’s another keyboard open source voted to privacy. Simple Keyboard is, as the name implies, a very simple keyboard, even simpler and lighter than OpenBoard (1 MB vs 48 MB). Among its features we have the possibility of set the theme (Not Material Youas you can see from the screenshot below), the height of the keyboard and little else.

Here everything is focused on speedthen nothing emoji, GIF, spell check, or swipe typing. The app requires the bare minimum in terms of permissions (vibration only) and maybe how appearance is a bit dated compared to OpenBoardbut it does its job very well, and it is (for the moment) always updated.

Anysoft Keyboard

Third on the list is AnySoft Keyboard it’s a keyboard Android open source And free, but much more complete than the previous ones. Its main strength is support multilingual (you have to download the package for Italian), it has the themes (not Material You), but there is also the corrector and it supports multi-touch input. Among his features we have:

Its functions will not be particularly rich in the panorama of Android keyboards, but in the open source world it is among the most versatile. The reason it’s not at the top of the list is because we’re at limit with updates: last update in December 2021. I inserted it in the hope that someone will resume the project, but maybe it’s better to pass beyond.

Typewise Custom Keyboard

Let’s move on to a keyboard actually particularbut beware of privacy. Typewise at first it might be scary given his appearance that looks like no other keyboardbut with a little bit of patience you might also like it.

The layout is very particular, a Honeycomb (but if you want you can use the canonical QWERTY), with a learning curve quite steep. In fact, at the opening a tutorial quite extensive, and there is also a game to improve. The most interesting features of this keyboard, besides the layout are:

The developers claim that once mastered, Typewise allows up to 4 times fewer typos compared to normal keyboards. Among the shortcomings, the swipe typingand while the version free is more than enough (the Typewise logo remains on display, however), there is a version a payment from 1.99 euros per month or 24.99 one-off.


Gboard it is obviously pre-installed on most devices Androidis free and is crammed with functions. It is not at the top of the list because it is not that attentive to privacy (so not really free), but otherwise it’s probably the best keyboard Android on the market.

Gone are the days when he ran after Swiftkey on swipe typing, oa Chrooma for customization. Google learn quickly and this app keeps getting constant updates who continue to improve it. The most interesting features are obviously related to the integration with Google functions, but there is really everything:

Obviously there aren’t any advertising and the list of authorizations it’s not even long.

Microsoft Swiftkey

Swiftkey is another of the more keyboards packed with features of the Play Store, and could rival GBoard in every respect. First it was paid, then it was bought by Microsoft, who returned it freein addition to continuing to constantly update it. The most interesting features are:

As you can see, it is one of the more complete keyboards and while finding typing slightly slower than the GBoard it’s really good.

1C Big Keyboard

1C Big Keyboard it’s another keyboard free which at the first installation could really scare you. As the name suggests it truly is greatand is intended for those who have problems with view. It also has a function that allows you to further expand the area available to the keyboard, covering the entire screen of the phone.

It is not a solution for those who want type quickly (it’s pretty slow) and doesn’t have many functionsbut it offers something other apps don’t have.

ai.type keyboard

ai.type is another fairly frequently updated and feature-rich Android keyboard. Its features include:

ai.type relies heavily on customization more than on artificial intelligence, and the menus look pretty good too playfulbut the experience definitely is Great and the trackpad absolutely priceless. For Italian you have to download the package separately, otherwise the corrector does not work (but the app does it for you). If you want there is also the paid version (now 1.99 euros), which could be worth the penalty, given the low cost. Then inside there are other paid services, mainly related to the themes.

Go keyboard

Here’s another keyboard free. Go Keyboard is a keyboard with some functionality but which focuses its experience on customization extreme. IS freebut crammed with advertising, and if you want to customize your keyboard in the most different ways you can sip some short videos. Among the functions we have:

The app is constantly updated and from the Play Store page they claim to do not collect data on users, but with all those advertising it’s hard not to think of being profiled in some way. Anyway, for theme lovers, this is the keyboard for you.


Fleksy is another of the android keyboards “historical”. Very fastfull of features thanks to the Extensionsa look vaguely reminiscent of the old virtual keyboard of BlackBerryin short, it would be really good, if only it were updated. From the point of view of functionalitywe have:

Between the sides negativesthe lack of typing to scrolling (but it has very good predictive software) no support a Material You and especially, has not been updated for more than a year. We put it on this list in the hope that someone will take over the project, but it probably is better look for other options.