Google Meet allows up to 100 group rooms per call

As anticipated in August, the Google Meet educational support it is now implementing small group rooms. It is currently only available to Enterprise for Education customers and is intended to aid in distance learning.

Enterprise for Education meeting organizers can now use breakout rooms to divide participants into smaller groups during Meet video calls. Participants can easily rejoin the original meeting after their smaller group discussion.

This has been a feature highly requested by educatorsThey want to increase participation in the classroom by “dividing students for simultaneous small group discussions or work time.”

Moderators can participate in these conversations at any time. Administrators can control the number of rooms, set a timer, and mix. The dashboard sees how they are all grouped together with the quick edit available.

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Google Meet educational support can create up to 100 small group rooms in one call. The participants of the call will be distributed randomly and evenly in the rooms. You can also manually move people to different rooms.

Meeting room creation is only available on the web, but anyone with a Google account, regardless of device, can join.

The meeting rooms of Google Meet They are being rolled out now and will be fully active in the next few days for all Enterprise for Education users. Google plans to make it available to other levels of Workspace in the future.