Google tests Smart Compose on WhatsApp and Telegram

It seems that Google is exploring new ways to turn us all into robots. Gboard beta users have seen it appear Smart Compose on WhatsApp, Google Messages and Telegram, according to 9to5Google reports.

The feature has been making typing suggestions as you type for a couple of years, but never before in messaging apps. Google initially released it for Gmail, where he now recommends closing messages, such as “Have a great weekend!” or “Please leave me alone, you’re scaring me.”. Well, maybe not the latter, but it should.

Later will added to Google Docs for G Suite, and now it seems that it is also reaching the courier services. So far, the feature has only been seen in the update of the version to Gboard. But if the tests work, it might be messing with all of our messages soon.

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In fairness to Google, Smart Compose still gives humans the last word. If you like his suggestion, you can swipe right on the text to accept it. If you don’t, keep writing your terrible prose.

And despite my concerns about becoming a cyborg, I appreciate Smart Compose’s support when writing nonsensical emails. Your suggestions are surprisingly smart too, although that might just be a reflection of my generic writing.

Only a limited number of users can try Smart Compose on WhatsApp and Telegram. If you want to join them, you can try sign up for Gboard beta.