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Google wants to differentiate the Pixel on the smart side

Google wants to differentiate the Pixel on the smart side

Google Recorder it is certainly one of the best machine learning applications on Android smartphones. The app, exclusive to the Pixel, in addition to capturing audio, manages to transcribe the words spoken in real time without requiring an Internet connection. Among other things, for faster navigation, it is able to “mark important sections in the transcript”.

Subsequent updates, then, have implemented other functions, such as the shareable clip creation and cloud backup. The application, which leverages the advancements of machine learning from Google Researchwas largely made by Google Creative Laba reality that describes itself as follows: “A team of designers, writers, programmers, directors, producers and business thinkers who dedicate 99.9% of their time to design. Our job is to help invent the future of Google and communicate the company’s innovations in a way that makes them useful for more people. “

Taking a cue from Recorder, therefore, Google is aiming to make its Pixels even smarterlooking for someone to drive the “Pixel Smarts”. This, in fact, is the job announcement: “As Director of Product Management for Pixel Smarts, you will focus on creating differentiated experiences on Pixel that leverage our machine learning experience. This will require a deep and innovative exploration of user needs and technology capabilities. Additionally, you will contribute and guide this exploration, create a product roadmap, and help build a product team. “

Google, therefore, he wants smart functions for his Pixels that are different from other devicestaking advantage of the experience acquired, for example, in the creation of the Recorder app.