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Here is the new Motorola Razr

Here is the new Motorola Razr

Motorola was one of the companies particularly active in the smartphone sector, even in the foldable sector where we hardly found models launched for the consumer market, except those of Samsung.

After launching the new foldable Razr series, last year Motorola was in silence on that segment. The rumored new Motorola Razr has never arrived in the concrete. In the last few hours, however, they have emerged important news from China on this very device.

The images you find in the gallery below show Chen Jin, Lenovo Mobile’s General Manager for China, show the new Motorola Razr in public. In the photos we can grasp two aspectsobserving the device in both open and closed configuration.

The first consists in the abandonment of the chin pronounced lower, which was previously reminiscent of Motorola’s older Razr models. The second is the certain similarity with Samsung’s recent folds: when closed, the device shows the photo module with dual cameras, just like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3.

In terms of technical specifications, at the moment we only know that under the hood of the new Motorola Razr there should be a processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. Other rumors indicate the presence of a display with refresh rate up to 120 Hzof a main camera from 50 megapixels and a wide-angle sensor from 13 megapixels.

To get a further overview of the device you can also see the video found by GSMArena on the Chinese social network Weibo.

At the moment there are no indications on when the device will be officially presented, we expect it to be only a matter of time, since it is now ready. This applies to the Chinese marketwe will see if and when Motorola will decide to present it also in Europe.