How can I repair my music library after iTunes Cloud hashed?

Since turning on iTunes Cloud and Apple Music, I have noticed the corruption crack in my iTunes library. There are songs that exist, but only as items that are NOT available offline and NOT available online. They are gray, and when I click the cloud download icon, they are not downloaded from iCloud.

I suspect I have to use Time Machine to retrieve a copy of my iTunes library that hasn’t been tackled by end engineers at Apple and turned into a bunch of useless pieces. Before we get desperate and go back to backup, is there any way to fix it?

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Here is an example of a screenshot:

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Turn off iTunes Match and iTunes Cloud for the first time. If you haven’t added much music, can’t add manual, you can just go to ~ / Music / iTunes and rename one of the previous iTunes Library files to “iTunes Library.itl” and push it back to the iTunes folder, excluding the quotes . Look at the screenshot of my folder; the closer the file date is to the current file date, the less music you need to make is added. This doesn’t add the music just the ‘music library stats’.

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