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How do I build a simple iOS client application per client?


How do I build a simple iOS client application per client?

I want to build a simple iOS application, let’s say order food from a restaurant. Then the clients will be the iOS app users, but like the restaurant customers they will send a confirmation notification or a canceled notification to the app of the ordered person. Do I need to create another restaurant people only app? Is it possible? I’m just starting to learn the things so please guide me what all the steps are to develop an application like this.

Do not create another application to separate restaurant and customer management. This is just needlessly dividing it into two applications that will make people confused.

You don’t want confused customers. If I had to find two Pizza Hut apps, one for business use and one for general use, how would I feel?

You also want to make things easier for the restaurant customers. Make it be on the same application.

There should be a login type. From there everyone is a customer. Now people can go down to do different things. Open a restaurant in the customer account menu. This way, a specific login can become a restaurant owner while he remains a customer (in case he decides to go somewhere else to eat and be a customer). This restaurant owner can also make customers become addicted, etc. Get the drill. Everyone starts as customers and extends.

Don’t differentiate people into categories right off the block. Limit what they can and cannot do. Let everyone begin the same thing and become what they set out to become. In this case, everyone is a customer and knows how to be a customer. Some have become owners of the restaurant and some become employees of the restaurant owners. But this shared knowledge of being a customer is extremely beneficial behind the application.