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How to backup Moto G6

How to backup Moto G6

Backing up your Moto G6 is the best way to protect the contents of your device in the event of a problem. In fact, life’s accidents can sometimes cause unexpected things compared to your Moto G6. Imagine that you are manipulating or puncturing your Moto G6… In this type of situation it is very convenient to have a backup copy of the laptop to be able to restore it. In this tutorial we will see how to save a Moto G6. We will first see what a backup is and what it entails. In a second step, we will see how to proceed with this backup. Finally, we will look at the special cases, for which you would like to use a different method.

What is a backup of your Moto G6?

A backup, or backup, is a snapshot at time T of your Moto G6. It will, if there is any concern, allow you to restore your smartphone to the same settings it had when you completed the backup.

The different types of backup

When it comes to backing up your Moto G6, keep in mind that there are various types of backups.

When can you back up your Moto G6

We recommend that you take a backup of the Moto G6 as soon as it works properly and has no problems. However, there are also a number of conditions under which a backup is recommended. It is highly recommended to start a backup when you want to root your Moto G6 or when you perform a manipulation that involves restarting the Moto G6. In addition, it can also be very useful for backing up applications or data when you go to the laptop.

Where to store Moto G6 backup?

It may not seem like it, but the Android you are going to select to store your Moto G6 backup is crucial. Sometimes the first thought about Android’s decision to save the backup is: on the laptop’s SD card. However, we recommend that you copy this backup to your computer or USB stick. This will allow you to keep your data and apps in case your Moto G6 is lost or stolen.

How to make backups on Moto G6

Make an Android backup on your Moto G6

Android Backup allows you to backup Android and its settings (eg Wi-Fi passwords). To accomplish this, you will need to go to the parameter menu of the Moto G6 and then on save and restart. Once it’s there, all you have to do is select or create one backup account and activate the option: back up my information.

Make a backup of your Moto G6 data

To save all your information, such as your images or videos, you have 2 possibilities available. The first is to connect your Moto G6 to your computer and manually transfer the folders you want to back up by placing them in a folder. What is annoying with this method is that it is a bit long and you can easily skip files. If you want to make the task easier, the second method is for you. In fact, it is about going through an application or software that will do the work for you. We recommend that you download an application such as MyBackup. Now that the app is installed, all you have to do is let yourself be guided. This type of application is usually quite simple to use.

Save installed apps with Helium

Application backup is excellent in many cases. In fact, this allows you not to lose settings, CDM or even video game backups. To back up your Moto G6 apps, you will need to use a third-party app. The app we are talking about is Helium, offers the backup of your applications without the need to root your Moto G6. Therefore, you will need to download and install Helium on your device. When you’re done, you need to launch the app on your Moto G6 and simply select the apps you want to keep before hitting OK. You can then choose the backup storage location. So you can choose between Internal storage egg sync with another device if you already have an account. Once Android is selected, the backup runs. If you want to restore apps, just go to the tab Restoration and synchronization and select the app to restore.