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How to Backup Xiaomi Mi7 Contacts

How to Backup Xiaomi Mi7 Contacts

Backing up your Xiaomi Mi7 contacts is very convenient in many situations. Unsurprisingly, if you’ve ever decided to change phones or when it’s just a precaution, backing up your Xiaomi Mi7 contacts is a great idea. There are several ways to backup and export Xiaomi Mi7 contacts. We have selected for this article, the 3 simplest and most effective solutions. We will first see what to do to backup your Xiaomi Mi7 contacts simply with the Contact application. Later we will see which apps specialize in exporting contacts. Finally, we will see how to backup your contacts from Xiaomi Mi7 using Gmail.

Backup your contacts from Xiaomi Mi7 with Contact app

When you want to backup your Xiaomi Mi7 contacts, it is easy to do it from Xiaomi Mi7 contacts app. To do this, go to Contact then click Addition egg Settings . As soon as you’re done, opt for Importer exporter . Once there, you need to choose where you want to export your contacts from Xiaomi Mi7. So you will be able export to SD card or to him SIM card . As soon as you have decided, Choose Exporter and validate. Then the smartphone will create a file. vcf which will contain all your contacts. You can then use this file to import contacts to another smartphone.

Make a backup of your Xiaomi Mi7 contacts through an app

There are a lot of apps that specialize in backing up contacts. Some of them offer the ability to store backups in the cloud, which can be very convenient. Among these applications, we have experimented with Transfer Contacts / Backup, which works very well and is quite intuitive. When you want to go through this solution, you just need to download and install the app on your Xiaomi Mi7. Once this is done, open it and let yourself be guided.

Save your contacts with Gmail

It is also easy to backup your contacts from Xiaomi Mi7 through your Gmail account. In fact, if you want, it’s easy to turn on directory synchronization with your Gmail account. This gives you the opportunity to access your contacts through Gmail all the time. When you want to do this, go to the menu parameters the Xiaomi Mi7. Once there, click on the tab Billthen select the account Google. As soon as it finishes, you will be able to see the sync page. Then simply check the following options: Sync Calendar Content and Sync Contact Content. Once done, your contacts will be automatically synced with your Gmail account.