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How to block a number or SMS on Moto G6

How to block a number or SMS on Moto G6

Being able to block a number to stop receiving unwanted calls or unwanted text messages on your Moto G6 is now a must. In fact, there are several reasons why we can block an unknown number, text message or number. Among these reasons are commercial calls, promotional SMS, but also continuous unknown calls and therefore harassment. That is why our team has designed this tutorial so that you are not disturbed on your Moto G6. Peace of mind! However, there are different procedures to block calls and text messages. So let’s start by looking at what needs to be done to block a number in the simplest way possible. In a second step we will see how to block a number on your Moto G6 through an app. Then we will see what is the procedure to block text. At the end of this article, we will cover anonymous number blocking which is done with a slightly different technique.

Block calls from a number through the contacts application of Moto G6

If you no longer want to receive calls from a known number, then this method is for you. In fact, it is quite simple to block a number on your Moto G6 in case you know the unwanted number. Here are the steps to block a number on your Moto G6:

When this manipulation is complete, calls to this number will be fatally blocked on your Moto G6. It will be necessary to replicate the process for each number to be blocked. Warning: Note, however, that with this phone, calls to the blocked number are forwarded to your voice mail. This means that it will always be possible for this number to leave you voice messages. If you want to block it completely, check out the second methodology.

Block a number on your Moto G6 with a third-party app

In case you want to block a number on a Moto G6, keep in mind that there may be some applications that offer the option to do so. These apps usually have various options to block unwanted calls and they are proving to be very efficient. Among all these applications that allow you to block a number, we can recommend Call Blocker which works very well. To use it is very easy, you just need to download and launch the app. In case you don’t know how to do it, don’t hesitate to read our tutorial to install an application on Moto G6. Once the app is installed on the Moto G6, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

How to block text messages on Moto G6

Nothing is more annoying than an unwanted SMS for the elementary and good reason why we are forced to read it. In case you no longer want to receive unwanted text messages on your Moto G6, you need to download an app to block them. In fact, it is not possible to block the texts you receive on your Moto G6 without an application. Therefore, we recommend that you install SMS Blocker, which works with a blacklist mechanism. Spam messages are blocked and stored in a SPAM inbox. Therefore, they can be consulted if you wish.

What to do to block an unknown or anonymous number on the Moto G6

Contact blacklist does not work for unknown numbers. You will still need to install an app if you want to block hidden numbers on the Moto G6. We have tested a versatile app for you that blocks unknown calls and text messages: Blacklist. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to designate blocking of unknown numbers in the settings. It is important to note that this solution will block all unknown calls and some administrations often use hidden numbers to call you. Therefore, these numbers will be directly blocked. With this application you will not need to change the number or reset the Moto G6. Take it easy!