How to change the Instagram icon on the iPhone from the app

We show you the way to change the Instagram icon on the iPhone from the same app, selecting the options they give us.

This is how you can change the Instagram icon on the iPhone

Today we are going to teach you change Instagram icon on iPhone. A good option that they let us do from the same app, but yes, only for a month.

Instagram It is on its anniversary, and it is already 10 years old. To do this, he has temporarily given us the possibility of changing the icon of his application. By doing so, they let us choose from a wide variety of icons, where we can select the one we like the most and this will be the one that appears on our home screen.

So if you are interested in changing the icon of this app, we will explain step by step how to do it without problem.

How to change the Instagram icon on the iPhone

As we have already mentioned, this function will only be available for one month. Therefore, we advise you to do it as soon as possible and enjoy the icons of this app that you like the most.

To begin with, we must update the app to the latest version, in order to enjoy this function. Once updated, we enter the app and go directly to the settings Of the same. Once here, all we have to do is slide the screen down …

Swipe the screen down

In doing so, we will see how some emojis appear at the top, which tell us to slide a little more … And finally the emoji of the gift will appear and a screen will open. From this screen we can select the icon that we like the most.

Select the one we like the most

When we select it, we will have it changed on our home screen. In this simple way, we can enjoy that retro Instagram icon again, but remember that it is only for a limited time, in 1 month it will disappear.

In the event that you have carried out all the steps and the app image remains unchanged, it is advisable to restart. By doing so, we will be able to follow the steps and everything will work perfectly.