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How to change the theme of the Moto G6

How to change the theme of the Moto G6

Changing the theme of the Moto G6 allows you to personalize and improve the ergonomics of your smartphone. For example, if you are tired of the original theme or if you are tired of your Moto G6 looking like any other mobile, changing the theme is a very good solution. Changing the theme of the Moto G6 will change the design of the smartphone by changing the menus, icons, widgets but also the font. We will first see the procedure to change the theme of the Moto G6. Second, we will find out what is the distinction between a theme and a launcher to find out if a theme meets your expectations. In the last part, we will see where it is easy to find free themes for a Moto G6.

The technique to change the theme of your Moto G6

On some smartphones it is possible to change the theme from the settings menu, but this solution is relatively limited by the number of themes on offer. So we wanted to show you the method to install a theme on the Moto G6 using one. rocket launcher. Launcher is an application that will allow you to install themes on the Moto G6. For this tutorial, we are going to use Themer because it is easy to use and its theme library is huge. To find Themer, nothing is easier, go in the Play Store and download it. When it’s ok, you can launch the app and start browse the list of topics in the library. Once you have found the theme you like, just click on it Apply to start downloading and installing the theme on the Moto G6. When the download is complete, go to the notification bar and select the Themer icon to start configuring the theme you have chosen. And that is! ! You can replace the theme as soon as you want using the same technique.

The distinction between a theme and a launcher

It is often a bit difficult to understand the difference between a theme and a launcher, so we have chosen to bring some information. By definition, the theme is the style of the smartphone interface. So change the icons, the colors or even the wallpapers. The launcher is a third party application that replaces the interface of your Moto G6. Instead of modifying it like with a theme, the launcher is just a different interface.

Or download free themes for Moto G6

It is very easy to get free themes for Moto G6. Just go to Playstore under customization category. Then you will be able to download a free theme pack for your Moto G6. It’s up to you whether you prefer to install a theme or a launcher.