How to Download Instagram Stories Videos to iPhone Reel

Today we teach you to download videos from Instagram Stories, of any user who does not have a private account, in your iPhone. A way to save the stories of Instagram that you like the most.

Download the Instagram Stories videos you want

In the App Store there are Applications for all. One of them allows us to download the Stories, from any Instagramer, on our reel of the iPhone. If you see a story in which you appear, that you like a lot or that you want to save for any reason, simply follow the steps that we explain below.

And it is possible download any type of video that appears on Facebook, Twitter … and now, also, in the Stories of Instagram.

Before continuing with the tutorial, we want to make it clear that downloading stories in order to publish them on your account or on other social networks can bring you problems. That is why if you do, before doing so, comment on it with the person who has uploaded these images or in case they do not respond, at least mention it in your publication.

If you have iOS 13 downloaded to your device, we recommend that you download the article below and read how to download the videos from Safari.

How to download videos from Instagram Stories of anyone:

The first thing we have to do is download the following application:

Download MyMedia

Once installed, we access it and in the Google search engine that appears in the upper right, within the “Browser” menu that appears in the bottom menu of the screen, we search for the following: StoriesIG

Use the search engine to search for “StoriesIG”

This will give us access to a website. We enter it and a place will appear where we will have to put the name of the account from which we want to download the Stories.

Once set, click on “Return” or “intro” on the keyboard and wait for a few seconds for it to detect the user profile. When it does, the profile photo of that account will appear, which we must click to access the Instagram stories that that user has uploaded.

Enter the Instagram username

Once it detects them, they will appear one by one. We go down the screen and we can see them by clicking on the “play” that appear. If we do not see the button to play the videos, it is because they are photographs.

To download videos from Instagram Stories that we want from that account, we press and hold the “Download” button that appears under each story. Doing this will give us the following option:

Download the Instagram Stories

Click on «Download file» to download it. Now we will have to name the video to download it in the application and, in that way, distinguish them from all those that we are going to download in the future.

Download Instagram Stories on iPhone:

Once this is done, we have the video downloaded within the application. Now what we want to do is download it onto our reel of the iPhone truth?. To do this, click on the “Media” button that appears in the lower menu of the screen.

Now we will see the videos that we have downloaded and by clicking on their name, a menu will appear from which we can download the videos in our iPhone.

Save Instagram Stories videos on your iPhone

By clicking on “Save to Camera Roll”, the video from the Instagram Stories will have been downloaded to our mobile.

What is simple?

How to download Instagram stories on iPhone and iPad with iOS 13:

To do this, we are going to use the native Safari app. Now the browser Apple includes a fantastic download manager that allows us to download everything.

We enter the browser and access the web and as we have explained previously, we put in the “Username” section, the name of the person from whom we want to download the Stories.

After this, a list of profiles will appear where we must click on the one that interests us.

Now we will see the stories that you have uploaded during the last 24 hours. To download them, we will simply have to click on the «Download» button of the Stories that we want to download. Doing so, this menu will appear where we must click on «Download».

Download Stories from Safari

The video or photo will be downloaded in the native Files app, inside the «Downloads» folder. If we want to quickly access what we have downloaded, click on the circle with an arrow that points downwards and that we can see in the upper right part of the Safari interface. The file that we have selected from those that we have downloaded will be opened directly.

Now, when we have the video or photo of the story that we have downloaded on the screen, we must click on the share button (square with an upward arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen), and of the options that appear, click in «Save video».

In this way we will have it downloaded on the reel of our device.

We hope that Apple do not delete this application and that the StoriesIG service does not disappear from the network, because if not …

Greetings, we hope you liked this tutorial and see you soon with the best apps, news, tutorials … to get the most out of your devices. Apple.