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How to format a Samsung smartphone in just a few steps

How to format a Samsung smartphone in just a few steps

You are thinking of putting yours up for sale Samsung smartphone and do you want to be sure, before switching to the new Galaxy or any other Android device, that all your personal data is properly deleted?

After all, our smartphones are a container (more or less large) of sensitive information and you don’t want this data to end up in the wrong hands, do you?

Don’t worry. Format the Samsung smartphone it’s pretty simple and will take just a few minutes. In a short time, you will have cleaned up your data and you will be ready to put your device up for sale.

However, keep in mind that this procedure can still be useful in many other situations, for example when it is Samsung smartphone is slow. After a certain period of time, it may be advisable to reset the device.

In any case, as is natural, the formatting will involve a ‘complete elimination of all the data and information that are hosted inside the smartphone, therefore we suggest you proceed only after checking that important files or documents are safe and easily recoverable. Maybe, you can move them to a cloud first.

When formatting, it is always recommended make a backup on your smartphonebecause in this way you will avoid losing important elements.

Before explaining how format the Samsung smartphoneit is our duty to give you some suggestions on how to backup on samsung. There are several ways, choose the one that is simpler or closer to your needs (perhaps because you want to transfer data between two Samsung smartphones).

How to backup Samsung smartphones

One of the many ways to backup on Samsung smartphones consists of using the program Smart Switch. This application is made by Samsung and is available both on smartphones and tablets and on Windows or Mac computers. While in the first case you will find it installed on your device (if not, click on the button below), on PC you will have to proceed with the download and installation of the program from This Page.

Plug it in Samsung smartphone to the PC via USB cable and start Smart Switch from the computer. Wait for the program to load, click on “I accept“and, once the application has been enhanced, move to”Backup“and choose the data you want to keep. If you want to make a full backup, just click on”Select all“and confirm by”OK“.

Another method to backup to Samsung device is the classic one of Android smartphones, and that is through Google account. Enter the settings, scroll down to search for “Google” and then click on “Backup”. If you haven’t configured Google One yet, follow the on-screen procedure and tap “Activate“, otherwise make sure the item”Backup to Google One“is enabled (blue icon).

In the section “Backup details“you can indicate the type of data to keep: for example, if you need to recover photos and videos, enable this option.

Keep in mind that Google One offers 15 gigabytes of free space on the Google cloud and other Google services such as Google Photos And Google Drive.

Starting September 30, 2021, the service Samsung Cloud has closed its doors and it is no longer possible to backup to Samsung Cloud.

How to format Samsung smartphone from settings

Let’s see now how format the Samsung smartphone. The first thing to do is to enter the device Settings (gear icon with gray background) and scroll down until you find the option “General management“. On the next screen, click on”Factory data reset“.

As you will see in the screenshot yourself, this operation is irreversible as it will result in the deletion of a lot of data on your smartphone, including the Google accountsystem data and installed applications, device settings, downloaded apps, music, pictures, and more.

Also, this option will remove all accounts associated with the device, such as Whatsapp, email, social networks and of course banking apps. To confirm, click on “Reset“and, if you have set an unlock code associated with your fingerprint reader or face recognition, you will need to enter it for security reasons.

Once you have given confirmation with the authentication method, you just have to wait for the procedure to be completed. Note that this may take a couple of minutes, depending on the amount of data to be removed. When finished, it Samsung smartphone it will restart automatically on the page of initial configuration.

How to reset the network settings of the Samsung smartphone

If you are having problems with the Wi-Fi of the Samsung smartphone or with data network connectivity, we suggest that you first try to reset the device’s network settings and, if the defect persists, then proceed with the complete formatting. In many cases, the problem can be solved by simply resetting the network settings.

The path is the same as before. Then open the Settings app, scroll down on “General management“and click on”ResetThe screen will show some options and select the one that seems most appropriate based on your case:

By clicking on the item “Reset network settings“, the system will” forget “all the wireless connections you have hooked up to so far and will do a factory reset of the settings on mobile connectivity.