How to improve privacy on WhatsApp: 8 tricks to follow

Whatsapp it is certainly one of the most used applications on the smartphone and it is not necessary to get hold of official numbers or statistics to realize it.

The platform for exchange messages for free has evolved over the years thanks to the inclusion of useful features (including the one for transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone) and the options for protect your WhatsApp account from prying eyes. Always remaining on the subject of confidentiality, we suggest you read our guide on how to archive WhatsApp chats.

If the end-to-end encryption of the popular instant messaging app, introduced way back in 2016, prevents users’ conversations from being intercepted by third parties, some native app settings instead allow improve your WhatsApp profileespecially in a situation where the platform is used on a daily basis around the world.

In this guide we will therefore explain how improve privacy on WhatsApp through some functions available on the app for Android and iOS. Thanks to these settings, you will be able to protect your WhatsApp profile preventing unknown contacts from accessing information that you do not want to share with third parties or that could simply compromise your privacy.

  • The Privacy section of WhatsApp
  • Hide last login on
  • Hide profile picture
  • Hide Info and Status
  • How to prevent being added to groups
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • How to block WhatsApp users
  • Activate screen lock
  • How to disable the blue ticks

Improve WhatsApp privacy: iPhone and Android

To make the profile Whatsapp safer we will have to manually intervene on the individual options of the section “Privacy“, calibrating each item according to your preferences. The section Privacy can be reached on Whatsapp in two different ways depending on the operating system of your smartphone:

  • Android: from the main screen of Whatsappyou will need to click on the three dots at the top right and, in the drop-down menu, tap on “Settings“. From here you will have to select the section”Account“(third entry) and then”Privacy“.
  • iPhone: From the main screen of the application, you will need to touch the icon “Settings“shown in the bar at the bottom (last icon after” Chat “) and, in the next screen, first select the item”Account“(third option) and then”Privacy“.

Hide last login on WhatsApp

Each user has the option to hide the last access on WhatsApp, avoiding that information on the date and time of the last access to the application is shown within the individual chats. Alternatively, you can show this entry only to your contacts, or on the contrary, extend it to anyone.

For hide the last access on WhatsApp it will be necessary to enter the section Privacy following the path we have reported above. The reference setting is “Last Access“: by clicking on it, four different items will appear that will allow you to change the operation of the option:

  • All: by selecting this item, any user Whatsapp will be able to view information on the date and time of the last access to the app in the chat
  • My contacts: only the contacts of Whatsapp will be able to view the last login
  • My contacts, except …: this is a sort of “median” setting, as you can decide to enable all your contacts to view the last access, except for some specific contacts. By clicking on it, a screen will open in which you can select one or more contacts that you want to exclude from the list
  • Nobody: no contact will be able to view the last access to the app. Attention, because in this way, you too will not be able to see the last access of other users.

However, there are some tricks for chat undisturbed on WhatsApp, taking advantage of the previews of the messages that are shown on the main screen of the smartphone. Just answer from there, without opening the app, to avoid letting people know that you are online on Whatsapp.

For respond to notifications on WhatsApp without opening the app you will need to activate drop-down notifications from the phone settings. On Android, find the “notifications” section and enable the voice “Show all notifications“.

Hide WhatsApp profile picture

The section Privacy also allows you to hide your WhatsApp profile picture. Also in this case the option must be calibrated according to your needs and can be useful because it prevents users from viewing and saving their personal profile picture, especially in the case of strangers.

Entering the section “Privacy“, you will need to click on the item”Profile picture“and choose one of the following options:

  • All: Each user will be able to view and save their profile picture
  • My contacts: only i WhatsApp contacts will be able to see your profile picture
  • My contacts, except …: it is possible to exclude certain contacts from the list of subjects authorized to view the image
  • Nobody: No user will be able to view and download the profile picture

Hide Info and WhatsApp Status

For improve privacy on WhatsApp it is also possible to act on settings such as “Info“(ie the phrase or description that appears under the account name) and”State“(these are updates in full Facebook or Instagram style containing photos, videos, phrases and links that WhatsApp contacts will be able to view).

In the first case, it is possible remove WhatsApp information so that no user can view them, or enable them to be viewed for all contacts or excluding some.

As for the WhatsApp statusesthere are three options to draw from:

  • My contacts: all contacts Whatsapp will be able to view status updates
  • My contacts except …: You can exclude certain contacts from the status display
  • Share only with …: Only some selected contacts will be able to see WhatsApp Status updates

How to prevent being added to WhatsApp groups

The option dedicated to WhatsApp groups. Conversations with multiple users are increasingly frequent within the instant messaging platform, and the developers have introduced three specific features for prevent being added to WhatsApp groups.

Still from the Privacy section, just tap on the item “Groups“and choose one of the following three items:

  • All: each user can add you to a group
  • My contacts: Only contacts will be able to add you to groups
  • My contacts except …: you will be able to exclude certain contacts, since the latter cannot add you to chats with multiple participants

Enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp

There two-step verification is a feature that allows you to improve privacy on WhatsAppadding a third level of security and preventing unauthorized parties from accessing the account using only the phone number.

By activating 2-Step Verification, you will need to have a six-digit PIN code chosen by the same user to be able to enter the account, in addition of course to the telephone number. In the absence of a PIN, it will not be possible to use Whatsapp.

For activate two-step verification on WhatsApp you will need to enter the application settings, select the item “Account“and click on”Two-step verification“, by entering the six-digit PIN. The procedure will ask you to enter an email address, which will be very useful for regaining access to the account in case of loss of the PIN code.

How to block WhatsApp users

Sometimes it can happen to receive spam messages on WhatsApp or not wanting to receive messages by certain users. The instant messaging application has provided a feature that allows you to block WhatsApp users. Also in this case, just enter the “Privacy” section and click on “Blocked“: will open a list of WhatsApp contacts where you can select which users to block.

With the option “Block“active, the platform will inhibit the reception of messages, calls, video calls by the blocked user. The latter will not receive any notification related to the block and will therefore be able to call you and send messages, which will have a single gray tick.

Activate screen lock on WhatsApp

It is recommended that you set an authentication method for unblock WhatsAppsuch as Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone, or fingerprint reader on Android smartphones.

For activate the screen lock on WhatsApp just enter the “Privacy” section and click on “Screen lock“(last item in the list), then checking the authentication method provided on the smartphone. From the configuration screen it will be possible to choose whether to show the contents of the notifications.

How to disable the blue WhatsApp ticks

We close this guide by explaining how disable the blue ticks on WhatsApp. As is known, in fact, the instant messaging app provides a “ticks“to signal the correct sending (a tick) and the reception of messages exchanged within a chat (two ticks).

If the ticks are colored with bluemeans that the recipient has read the message.

If you want to prevent your contacts from being informed that a message has been read Whatsappyou can always remove this option in the “Privacy” section and disable the “Read confirmations“.