How to know if your WhatsApps have been read, even if they deactivate the double blue check

We show you a trick that will let you know if your contacts have read the WhatsApp that you send them, even if they have the read receipts disabled.

Check if they have read your WhatsApps

Surely some of your contacts have disabled read receipts on WhatsAppAnd whenever you send him a message, you don’t know if he has read it or not, right? Checks always appear in gray and you don’t know, for sure, if it has or not.

Today we are going to teach you a trick with which you will be able to know if you have read them or not, without the need for both of them to appear checks blue It is something that is very effective but can fail. At the end of the article we explain the only way there is for this to happen.

Go for it… .

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How to know if your WhatsApps have been read, even if they deactivate read receipts:

We do not know if you know it, but even if your contacts prevent you from seeing the double blue check that reveals that they have read the message, there is a way that if it admits those two blue checkers even if the read confirmations are disabled. In the following video we expose it very clearly:

That is why if you send messages and want to make sure that they have been seen, send them an audio and when they mark the two checks in blue, you will know that they have also read the messages. It is difficult for him to enter the chat to listen to your audio and not see and read the messages before the audio.

What do you think?. This trick is very useful … right ?.

This WhatsApp trick may fail if this happens:

The only way for this tip to fail is to listen to the audio from the notification center, without entering WhatsApp. If you do this and then enter the app, the audio will appear with a double check without the need for this person to access the chat they have with you.

For this tutorial to work 99.9%, we encourage you to send the entire message by audio. This is the only way to ensure that you receive and hear it, although it may be the case that you only listen for a few seconds and mark it as read without having listened to it in full. This is the reason why we tell you in the video that this trick works at 99.9%.

We hope you liked the article and see you soon with new tricks, news, apps….