How to locate Motorola Razr

The ability to locate your Motorola Razr comes in handy in many situations. In the first case, if you have lost your Motorola Razr, it will be essential to locate it to find it. Otherwise, if your phone has been stolen, it may be appropriate to locate it. Finally, in the latter case, it can also allow you to spy on your spouse. For all these situations, we will see in this guide what are the 3 solutions to geolocate a Motorola Razr. We will first see what you can do to use your Google account to locate your Motorola Razr. Then we will see how to locate your phone by installing a dedicated application. Finally, we will also see that some antivirus also offer location services.

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Locate Motorola Razr with your Google account

You can locate your Motorola Razr with the Google account associated with your phone. To do this, you need to activate a small option on your phone. In fact, you need to enable your Android device manager for location to be possible. To get there, you will need to access the Motorola Razr settings menu and then click Security and to end in Administrator device. Now you just have to check Android Device Manager to authorize the location. When done, log in to the following page: to locate the Motorola Razr. You can also take other useful actions on this page. For example: Lock Motorola Razr or delete data.

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Locate Motorola Razr with a third-party app

If you want more features, you can install an app. In fact, there are many applications that will be able to locate your Motorola Razr. Of these, we suggest you look for a phone that will allow you to locate your phone. To do this, you will need to download and install the application. When you’re okay, open the app to start setting your options. So it can allow to send location data, but also to send instructions to your phone and much more. It is up to you to activate the options that suit you best.

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Locate Motorola Razr with antivirus software

It is important to know that some phone antivirus allow you to geolocate. This is because in addition to protecting your Motorola Razr from malicious applications, it can also locate your phone. So if you install an antivirus, you can kill two birds with one stone. Among the antivirus that offer location capability, you have Lookout or Kaspersky.