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How to put emojis on Moto G6

How to put emojis on Moto G6

Emojis are present in all our discussions. Sure, if you’re looking to text with your Moto G6, it’s often nice to adorn it with emojis. An emoji will visually convey a message to anyone. Therefore, if you want to be able to distinguish your texts on the Moto G6, in this text we explain how to activate and install emojis on your Moto G6. We will first discover how to put and use emojis from the Moto G6 keyboard. Later we will see how to use an application to have even more emojis on your Moto G6.

Use emojis directly with the keyboard of your Moto G6

Many people are wrong to think that it is essential to install an app on your Moto G6, if you want to have emojis. In practice, emojis are usually already present on the Moto G6. Without a doubt, when you use the Google keyboard on your Moto G6, it has a good catalog of emojis. Normally, the Google keyboard is the default keyboard on the Moto G6. When you want to make sure your Google keyboard is set up on your phone, you’ll need to go to Settings / Language & input / Default keyboard. If ever the default keyboard is Gboard, it implies that it is the Google keyboard that is installed on the Moto G6.

How to insert emojis in the texts of your Moto G6

Now that you’ve verified that you have the Google keyboard on your Moto G6, let’s find out how to insert an emoji when you type text. When you type a message, you may see a small smiley appear next to the space bar. Therefore, you need to click on it to bring up the catalog of emojis. Once you are on this page, you need to scroll through the emojis and click on the one you like. Clicking on an emoji automatically adds it to your text message. Ready, now you know how to have and insert an emoji in the messages of your Moto G6.

Install an app to have a wider variety of emoji

When you are looking for a greater variety of emojis on your Moto G6, or in the event that the original emojis just don’t suit you. You have the possibility to download and install applications that offer a much broader catalog of emojis. Most emojis are built into the keyboard you use to send your messages. So in case you want different emojis, you will need to install another keyboard on your Moto G6. To do this, you can consult our tutorial to change the keyboard on Moto G6. As for the choice of keyboard, we suggest a keyboard like Swype Keyboard which is a good alternative to the classic Google keyboard. This will allow you to find all the emojis you want in this alternative keyboard.