How to Quickly Find a Photo on iPhone and iPad

We’ve figured out how to quickly search for a photo on our iPhones and iPads.

For those of us who have thousands of photos on our device, there are many times that we have to search for a specific photo, it costs us a world. Unless we have it marked as a favorite and we quickly access it from the “Favorites” folder, we will have to view all of them to know where it is.

In pearls We have found the formula to filter photos and that will allow us to quickly find the photo we are looking for.

We are going to use the “LUPA” option, which appears within the native app interface “PHOTOS”to filter the images by location.

A few months ago we showed you that through the magnifying glass we could search photos by dates, but today we are going to tell you that it can also be used to search for a photo by location. It is much faster since one does not know, many times, on what date the photo was taken, but if you remember the place where you took the snapshot… right?


Many of you will be looking for a photo taken on a vacation or a specific place, right? To us, now that we are parents, it happens to us very often the… «Look what a beautiful picture I took of my son in Benidorm». We start looking for a photo among the almost 1,200 that we currently have on our device and we go crazy.

A very quick way to find it is by clicking on the magnifying glass and putting the place where we took the photo. In that case we should put “Benidorm”. All the photos taken in that place will immediately appear filtered.

If you still want to loop the loop more and make a more efficient filtering, if you remember the name of the street where you took the capture, the photos taken on that same street will appear.

Surely many of you, if you make folders to manage your photos, you will see this tutorial as a bit silly, but very few people classify photos in folders and this is a very effective way to find photos.

We hope you have found this tutorial useful and that you share it on all your favorite social networks.