How to receive notifications about new TV series releases

You don’t want to lose yours TV shows favorite? With the arrival of streaming platforms, viewers can watch tons of engaging shows. In this guide we will find out how to receive notifications on new releases of TV series.

  • New TV series: receive notifications
  • Reminders on TV series coming to Netflix
  • The apps to score watched TV series

New TV series: how to get notifications

Someone applications available for Android and iOS allow users to receive notifications / alerts when new episodes of a television series arrive.

TV Time

One of the main tools for tracking television series is TV Time. The app, available on the Google Play Store and App Store, also allows you to quickly find out when new episodes arrive. Start the store installed on your smartphone and locate TV Time using the search field. Install the free application.

Start TV Time e Create an account by entering the requested information (username, e-mail and password) or by using an alternative service (such as Facebook or Twitter). After logging in, click on “Discover”.

Search for any upcoming title using the appropriate field.

Click on “Add this series“, the yellow button located at the bottom.

SeriesGuide – Series and movie management

SeriesGuide is another good tool (available on the Google Play Store and Amazon). Then download the official application from a digital store.

After starting SeriesGuide, you can Insert the TV series you follow (by clicking the “+”).

Personalize your profile by inserting all the shows you want. To receive personalized notifications you need to unlock all features by becoming a supporter (from 4.99 euros a year to 24.99 euros a year). Click on “More”, the last item in the lower menu.

Choose “Settings” and “Notifications“.

Activate “Notifications” (the function is reserved for supporters). Here you can freely customize the notifications, choosing when to receive the alert, select some TV series and more.

Receive a reminder of upcoming TV series on Netflix

On Netflix, the on-demand streaming service, there is a feature that allows viewers to be notified as soon as a title is available in the catalog. Read the guide to find out the complete procedures.

Netflix on PC

First of all, connect to the platform using a browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera). Here you can log in by clicking “Log in” or create a new account. Not registered yet? Here’s how to create an account:

  • Enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field and click “Continue”;
  • Choose a secure password and press “Continue”;
  • Choose the plan that suits you best (Base at € 7.99 per month; Standard at € 12.99 per month; Premium at € 17.99 per month).
  • Set the payment method (credit card, debit card, PayPal or gift code);
  • Complete the process and click “Start Paid Subscription”.

After creating your account and logging in, click “New and popular“, the top menu item.

Reach the sections “Coming this week”, “Coming next week” and “To wait with bated breath”.

Click on an incoming content and press “Remind me“.

Netflix on smartphones and tablets

Do you want to receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet? Then you will have to download theofficial application (available for Android and iOS / iPadOS). Open the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS / iPadOS) and, using the search field, locate the official Netflix app. Click “Get” or “Install”.

As soon as Netflix has been installed, start the app by tapping on the appropriate icon. Log in (by entering your credentials) or create a new account (using the procedure described above). Click on “News of the moment”, the third button of the lower menu. You choose “Coming soon“.

Locate any incoming content and click “Remind me“.

App to score watched TV series

Would you mark the episodes seen? Below you will find a selection of applications.

  • TV Time (Android / iOS): an application that allows you to keep track of television series, receive notifications, create an account, post comments, rate episodes and discover many curiosities.
  • SeriesGuide (Android): a feature-rich tool that allows you to automatically track your favorite TV series, create lists and much more.
  • Twee (Android): an extremely intuitive and simple tool.
  • iShows TV (iOS): ideal for staying up to date.
  • Just Watch (Android / iOS): Also allows you to find upcoming series on streaming platforms.

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