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How to record videos and take photos underwater with iPhone

How to record videos and take photos underwater with iPhone

The time of year arrives, in the northern hemisphere of the planet, in which we all go to the beach and the pool and where we all like to record and do underwater photos with iphone… TRUE?. We give you recommendations to do it in the best way with your mobile.

Take photos underwater with iPhone

If he iPhone It is a device that can be submerged and take videos and photos underwater. It is something that Apple has sold us but we want to make a few things clear to you before you do it. Pay close attention, do not go to mess it up by making some captures that may well cause a breakdown for your phone.

Same as him Apple Watchthe iPhone It can be submerged, but first of all, one thing must be made clear: Apple is not responsible for any damage caused by water. As the Curpertino company says… «The resistance to splashes, water and dust is not permanent and may decrease as a result of regular use. Although the warranty does not cover liquid damage, you may have rights under consumer protection law.

The iPhone it suffers falls, the watertight joints that the device has deteriorate over time, heat… it may be that if you submerge it, the device starts to fail and even stops working after a while. You may be lucky, that your device is in perfect condition and does not suffer damage, but we recommend you not to risk it.

In addition, the water resistance tests they do at Apple is with fresh water and not salt water. Be careful on the beach.

How to record videos and take photos underwater with iPhone:

We are going to recommend that you use one of the following waterproof accessories that you can find, for example on Amazon, at a very interesting price (click on the links to access more information about each one and, if you want, buy them):

Us, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, we recommend using the covers that look like bags in which you put the iPhone and allows you to completely isolate it from water. With it you can take videos and photos underwater without any problem as long as they are not broken.

Of the waterproof cases that we have seen on Amazon, we do not recommend using any to put them in the water. They say they are waterproof but not watertight. That is why we do not recommend buying them.

If you want a waterproof case that allows you to take the best possible photos and videos underwater, we recommend that you buy the expensive option. We have not tested it but they guarantee that the iPhone does not get wet and allows you to interact with your device for photos and videos.

It is one thing that the iPhone you accidentally drop it into the water, splash water on it… and another is that you intentionally put it under water to take photos and video. Our recommendation is that you do not do it if you do not do it with one of the protectors that we have mentioned.

Greetings and have a good summer.