How to recover deleted audios and voice memos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, is the leading instant messaging application for Android, since for many years the app has come to a large number of users, who are scattered throughout the planet.

How to recover deleted audios and voice memos on WhatsApp

The application for some time now, added the feature of sending voice notes, or audios, which we can receive, listen to and even forward to whoever we want. But sometimes, by mistake, by mistake and because we simply wanted to, we delete or erase the voice notes, and we do not know later how to recover deleted audios and voice memos on WhatsApp.

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How to recover deleted audio or voice memo from WhatsApp

Yes by mistake you deleted the file that was inside the internal or external memory of your Android mobileYou just have to go to the conversation where the file came from, locate the desired voice memo, and we simply download it again, since WhatsApp stores these files for a certain time in particular cases.

How to recover an audio or voice memo from a deleted conversation on WhatsApp

In case you have deleted not only the file corresponding to the WhatsApp voice or audio note, but you also deleted the conversation where it was, don’t worry, because you can recover it with the conversations backup file, which WhatsApp stores on your Android mobile automatically on a daily basis.

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Enough with restore WhatsApp backup, and you will be able to access the file and the conversation again without problems.

How to recover WhatsApp audios and voice notes in deleted conversations

If this is your case, that you deleted the conversation and not the file, you only have to access the internal storage of your Android mobile, locate the WhatsApp folder, after that and once inside said folder, you must open another file folder with the name ‘Half‘.

After doing so, you will see that there are other folders within it, but the ones that interest you are only two, ‘WhatsApp Audio‘ Y ‘WhatsApp Voice Notes‘. In those folders you can find both audio files and voice notes received, like all those you have sent to other people.

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Recovering certain files on WhatsApp is really easyYou just have to know the proper procedure for each situation, and the rest is a piece of cake.

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