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How to roll the dice with the iPhone quickly

How to roll the dice with the iPhone quickly

We show you the way to power roll the dice with iPhone and also in a really fast and simple way.

So you can roll the dice with the iPhone at any time

Today we are going to teach you roll the dice with iPhone. A great way to get out of trouble if we are playing board games or for any situation.

Let’s be honest, it has happened to all of us that at some point we have started playing a board game and when we had everything set up and ready to play… we see that we don’t have dice. Right now, the only thing we can do is collect the whole game and stop playing or pass that entertaining moment.

But this is not going to happen to us anymore, since we are going to show you a trick so that you can throw the dice at any time with your iPhone

How to roll the dice with the iPhone

The process is very simple, as we have mentioned and the truth is that you can do it with an iPhone or with the device you want.

Therefore, we go to our device and access the browser. Once we are here, in the search engine we must put the following words “roll a says”.

Write the words in the search engine and then click on the button to continue launching

When writing this and giving search, we will see that some dice appear on the screen, which we can use. In such a simple way, we can make use of virtual dice, which can surely come in handy on more than one occasion.

Therefore, if you were unaware of this trick, you already know one more that your device can do. Also, you can share it with others, so everyone knows about this somewhat hidden feature of your browser.