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How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi7

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi7

Taking a screenshot on a Xiaomi Mi7 is quite convenient in many situations. Like, among other things, taking a screenshot of a Snapchat that a friend sent you or storing important information seen on the network. Therefore, today it is important to know the technique to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi Mi7. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated! Indeed, we can see different ways to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi Mi7 and we will see them in this guide. We will first see how to take a screenshot with the buttons on your mobile phone. Later we will see how to take a screenshot with the Xiaomi Mi7 menu. Finally, we will see how to take a screenshot through an application.

Take a screenshot using the buttons of your Xiaomi Mi7

This is probably the easiest and most effective way to take a screenshot with your Xiaomi Mi7. This is because you only need to press multiple buttons at the same time to complete the capture. The buttons you press may change depending on your smartphone model, but must match one of the following combinations:

When you take the screenshot on your Xiaomi Mi7, you will probably see a kind of flash appear on the smartphone screen, as well as a light click. If you don’t notice or hear this, it means the capture didn’t take place. From time to time, the buttons are not fully pressed at the same time. This is the slightest problem with this method, you have to be skillful enough.

Take a screenshot with the Xiaomi Mi7 standby menu

This method doesn’t work on all phones, but it will likely work on the Xiaomi Mi7. So the method is to use the standby menu to use the Screenshot option. To access this menu, it is very easy, you just need keep pressing the power button the Xiaomi Mi7. When you are there, you will see the standby menu appear offering different possibilities, including rebooting your smartphone or airplane mode. At this point, if you see the option Screenshot, just click on it to start the screenshot. If you don’t see this option, it is probably not available on the Xiaomi Mi7. Don’t worry though, luckily it’s possible to take a screenshot seamlessly through the apps.

Take a screenshot using an app

In case you want an easy way to take a screenshot with your Xiaomi Mi7, keep in mind that there may be a lot of apps that allow you to do it. Therefore, our staff has tested the Easy Screenshot app for you, which provides the ability to take a screenshot more easily than previous methods. In fact, this application offers the possibility of make shortcuts to show the screenshot option. This means that you can set the app to take screenshots when you shake the Xiaomi Mi7, when you press and hold the camera button, or when you click the camera icon to receive notifications. True, it is much more interesting! It’s up to you to choose the trigger you want and you can take as many screenshots as you like. Feel free to check out our tutorial if you don’t know how to install an app on Xiaomi Mi7.

Or screenshots stored on the Xiaomi Mi7

Taking a screenshot is not bad, but you should be able to find it on the Xiaomi Mi7 as well. In fact, if you’ve made a screenshot and want to share it or transfer it to your computer, it’s essential to know where it is. Most of the time, screenshots are saved in a folder that can be accessed from the photo gallery of your Xiaomi Mi7. And yes, you need to find a dedicated directory that contains all your screenshots. It will be the same folder if you used an app. Now you know everything!