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How to transfer apps to Android TV from smartphone or PC

How to transfer apps to Android TV from smartphone or PC

You just bought a new one Android TVbut after a thousand searches on the Play Store you could not find some of the applications that you have installed on your smartphone for some time. The reason is very simple. You have to consider that these two platforms differ in many respects, but they are united by one feature that you have probably appreciated on your mobile device: versatility.

Like Androidalso Android TV in fact, it has an open nature and this will allow you to access additional features, provided you know how to tinker a little. Among these options there is also the possibility of transfer android apps to android tv by means of files in APK (if this name is unknown to you, we invite you to read our guide on where to download APK).

Keep in mind that the process is not the same as for Android devices, but by following the steps outlined in this article you will be able to do everything yourself.

How to transfer apps to Android TV from smartphone

We tell you right away that there are two different methods for transfer apps to Android TV. Let’s start with the simplest and most affordable for everyone: if you are not very practical, follow this procedure directly, also because it involves the use of a smartphone with an operating system Android 4.4 and later.

First, you will need to install the app later “Send files to TV“on your Android smartphone and on your device Android TV or Google TV and transfer the previously downloaded APK file from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. This application is free but provides in-app purchases to expand the functionality.

The first thing to do is then locate the APK file you want to transfer to your Android TV device and download it directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. Generally, these files are in the Download folder of the device, but check that this is the case. Next, install the app “Send files to TV“from the Play Store on both your smartphone and Android TV. You can find the link by clicking on the button below.

For install apps on Android TVjust open the Play Store from a computer, type the name of the application in the search bar or alternatively click directly on the link we have shown you and set yours Android TV device as the installation target.

Once you’ve installed the app on both devices, you’ll need to set up Android TV as a receiver device, because only in this way will the system be able to receive the APK application that is on the smartphone. Doing so is very simple: open the “Send file on Android TV” app on your TV and click on “Receive“.

Now take your smartphone and open the same application, but this time click on the blue square “Send“and locate the APK file you previously downloaded. As we wrote above, these files are usually placed inside the Downloads folder.

After selecting it, the app will search for devices Android TV nearby enabled to receive the APK file (this is why it is important to first open the app on the TV and click on “Receive”): locate your TV and tap on the name of your device.

At this point, your TV screen should show you a request for transfer the APK file to Android TV. Confirm and then click on “Open” to start the download. If you are unable to start installing the APK, we suggest you download a file manager for Android TV Such as “File Commander“(you can find it by clicking on the button below).

Typically, files transferred from smartphones to Android TV through the Send files to TV app “they are all located in the Download folder, which you can access from the File Commander main screen and selecting the item”Internal memory“.

Keep in mind one last thing. Your device Android TV may not authorize the installation of APK files. In fact, if a message appears on the screen stating that installations from unknown sources are not allowed, you can bypass this blocking message by clicking on “Settings”, scroll down to find the “Security” item and then put a tick next to File Commander.

If, on the other hand, you use Google TValways enter the operating system settings, but this time tap on the “Apps” section and enable the option in “Security and restrictions”.

How to transfer apps to Android TV via PC

As we said, there is also another method for transfer apps to Android TV which, however, we do not recommend if you are a beginner. In fact, this method involves the use of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) in Wi-Fi version and a Windows computer or alternatively macOS, Linux or Chrome OS. If before the whole procedure involved the use of the smartphone, now you will have to use the computer.

From your Windows PC click on this link and proceed with the installation of the package published on the XDA Community forum, while if you are using macOS, Linux or Chrome OS, please click on this link. Keep in mind that this time the APK file will not have to be downloaded on the smartphone or tablet but directly on the PC. Before transfer apps to Android TVyou will need to install these two programs that we have just suggested on your PC.

Then open the site from your computer APKMirror or other gods best sites to download safe APKs that we suggested in our previous guide and locate the APK file you want to transfer to Android TV.

At this point we need to connect wirelessly to the Android TV device. From the TV, click on the “Settings“(gear icon) and head up”Device preferences“, then tap on”Information“. Next, scroll down until you find the entry.”Create“, tap several times on this section until you see the word”You are a developer“.

In order for everything to work out the right way, it is also necessary retrieve the IP address of the TV. Go back into the settings again Android TVclick on “Network and Internet” and copy the address you see in the entry “IP Address“.

At this point go back to your PC again, open the command prompt (on Windows you can simply type “command prompt from the search bar) and write adb connect followed by your IP address that you recovered on Android TV. A pop-up will appear on the TV screen that you will have to accept, otherwise the procedure will fail.

All that remains is transfer APK to Android TV. From PC, type adb install command, give a space and drag the APK file you downloaded to PC into the command prompt window, then press Enter. Wait for the transfer to go through and finally the APK will be available on your TV.

If you want transfer multiple files, you will have to repeat the same procedure, obviously dragging the correct file. With the command prompt open, then first type the command adb install and then give a space with the space bar of the keyboard and enter in the window the APK file you want to move to the TV.