Huawei Nova 5i Wifi authentication problem

Sometimes the Huawei Nova 5i can display the error message: Authentication problem when trying to connect to a WiFi network. Without a doubt, this type of error can come from many places. Therefore, in order to properly connect to the Wifi network with Huawei Nova 5i, we decided to write this post. Therefore, we will see with you what to do and where to look to solve this Wifi authentication problem. We will first see what to do on the Huawei Nova 5i. Finally, we will talk about the essentials to achieve and control your WiFi internet.

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What to do when Huawei Nova 5i has an authentication problem on its Wifi network

Forget about the Wifi network on the Huawei Nova 5i

If the Wifi network you want to connect to has changed since you last logged in, it is plausible that Huawei Nova 5i wrote your message: Authentication problem or authentication error. If discomfort ever arises, the technique is relatively easy. It will be enough forforget about the network Wifi on Huawei Nova 5i. To do this, go to your Wifi network settings and press and hold the problematic network. Then you can click on the option: Forget this network. When you’re okay, you can test your WiFi connection again. If the problem is not resolved, go to the next step.

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Press the button on the box

If your box is branded Orange, Bouygues, SFR or Numericable, it often happens that you have a Wifi authentication problem on your Huawei Nova 5i because the box is not in Moment. If you ever want to activate your box sync, it’s so easy. You should see a sync button that you just need to press. When it’s okay, an indicator light will start to blink naturally. Then you should try to connect to the Wifi network with Huawei Nova 5i. If it still doesn’t work, skip to the next tip.

Retype password

There are times when the authentication problem comes from the way you type the password for your WiFi network. Sure, sometimes it is difficult to type a Wifi password on Huawei Nova 5i. Therefore, we suggest that you try all of the following options:

  • Enter the code without spaces or hyphens
  • Enter password in uppercase
  • Enter password in lowercase
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Restart the box

As with many computer problems, the solution is often extremely primary. In fact, 90% of computer problems are solved by restarting the machine. Therefore, we suggest that you restart the box and the Huawei Nova 5i. After that, try to connect with Huawei Nova 5i.

Check box settings

If 0 of the above solutions do not work, the problems could be in the operator box. Therefore, you will need to go to the preferences box and verify that the key system is in good condition. WPA / WPA2. Assuming this is not the case, choose this option. Then try connecting the Huawei Nova 5i to Wifi again. If the authentication problem persists, we recommend that you visit your ISP or mobile phone store.

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