If you like doing Sudokus, download this game. You’ll love it

Hexologic is a new game that reaches the App Store that will delight lovers Sudoku.

Hexologic App

A very easy to understand puzzle, although it may not seem like it, in which we must combine points and hexagons to find the required results.

An app that will make our minds work and that starts with fairly simple levels but that will get more complicated as we progress through the more than 60 available levels.

We are facing one of those games that almost obligatorily, we must have installed in our iPhone. A game of logic that will train our mind in addition to distracting us in moments of boredom, waiting, etc….

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Hexologic, the app that reinvents sudokus:

Here is the official trailer for this application. In it you can see how it works and what this game is about:

We can play in four different worlds, each with its own style of play.

The mechanics are very simple. We must combine points to get the amount displayed at the ends of them. As you can see, these quantities are within an arrow-like triangle. That is the orientation that we must follow in the combinations. Here is an example:

If you like doing Sudokus, download this game.  You’ll love it

Add and combine hexagons.

If you have tired of the typical Sudoku usual, test Hexologic. In addition, the game has relaxing music and interesting graphics that will make your experience while playing very immersive.

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Don’t think twice and download Hexologic, a fun and challenging game for your iPhone and iPad.

We hope we have introduced you to an app that interests you and you know, if you think it’s worth it, don’t hesitate to share it on your social networks. We appreciate it.

Go ahead and comment. Ask us any questions about the game in question, publish your maximum score, etc …