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Install a Nintendo emulator on the iPhone

Install a Nintendo emulator on the iPhone

We have always wanted to play the best Nintendo games on the iPhone, and now it is possible thanks to this emulator that allows us to play all these fantastic games. Just by downloading the game in this emulator, we will have a Nintendo DS in our apple device.

Today we are going to teach you install a nintendo emulator on iphone to be able to play all the games we like directly on our device.

Something we have always wanted is to have Mario, Pokémon… on our iPhone and be able to play from this device. Well, the time has come to make that dream come true and also without having to modify anything, just by installing an app, we will have in our hands one of the best portable consoles of Nintendo.

We are going to explain step by step how to install this Nintendo emulator on the iPhone, so that you can do a quick and, above all, very simple installation.


The first thing we have to do is access the following web page, from which we download the Nintendo emulator. So we go in this direction iemulators.com.

Once inside, at the top we have 3 sections, but we must click on “Apps”.

This is where the app that we have to install is, so we search among all the applications that we have to install and install one called “nds4ios”.

Click on it and give “Install”. As it is an application that we are going to install from Safari, it will ask us for permission, so we accept and it will automatically be installed.

But here is not the thing, for that application that we have installed to work, we will have to give it permission from our iPhone. If we don’t give it permission, when we try to open the app, we’ll get a message informing us that this app needs permission from the iPhone to work.

Therefore, we access the settings and go to the tab “General”. Here we go to another tab with the name of “Profile”, inside will be the name of the application developer.

Click on that new tab and access a new menu in which a message appears “Trust…”, press and accept. You can rest assured that the application is totally trustworthy and will not cause any problems on our devices.

Now we can use this application, but the most important thing remains, which is to enter the games in the emulator to be able to play. But we are going to explain this to you in another tutorial, since we can do it in several ways. To find out how to do it, click HERE (available soon).

And in this simple way we can install a Nintendo emulator on the iPhone and enjoy the best games.