Is there any way to get iTunes to transfer my apps to an offline machine?

My music collection is all mine and stored on a PC that doesn’t connect to the internet. this has been fine for most cases however recently i needed to get a hold of a text processre and learned of the pages, the problem is that it seems the only way to get the documents on and off my iPad is to use iTunes.

Since my PC is offline and when I connect my iPad to sync stuff like movies, music and pictures, I get a message saying I can’t transfer my apps which is understandable as I can’t log into my Apple account.

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I could install iTunes on my laptop but the documents I want to sync are on my offline PC for when I work here (ipad work would be for when I don’t have access as if I am in the car for 2 hours travel) and it is a pain to keep 2 sets updated, not to mention as I saw in this video I can only sync with an itunes (to which my laptop doesn’t have the space for my ripped music and movies)

So I’m wondering if there is a way to transfer my apps from my iPad to iTunes on my offline PC? (for example, installing and accessing itunes on my laptop then copying something from my laptop to my PC to make it iTunes on my PC that I logged in)

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You can transfer from iPad to Laptop using the Internet and iTunes.

Now use an Ethernet cable crossed and transfer from laptop to PC.

There is no Internet here, just the cable.

How to use the cross over cable set.

Everything above also works in reverse.

Get the crossover ethernet cable.

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