It’s not you, it’s iOS 15.4 that drains the iPhone’s battery

Some users of iPhone They have noticed, we have noticed, that the battery of our mobiles is suffering more than necessary with this update. I have never suffered, with my iPhone 13 Prono battery problem and now, with this update, the red battery light “lights up” every day… let’s go below 20%.

iOS 15.4 drains your battery

They say it’s something that usually happens. Manzana has recognized the problem but says that it is normal, that the iOS device has to be “made” to the new version of the operating system and that the applications, too. What they say is logical, but since the beta of iOS 15 It had never happened to me, so I doubt it.

The novelties of this version have been very great and it is a very heavy update. We have from being able to unlock the device with a mask to a large number of new emojis that we have.

iPhone users complain in networks about the high battery consumption of iOS 15.4:

And there are many testimonials that we have found on, for example, Twitter. Here are two example tweets, with their corresponding translation:

Battery life on iOS 15.4 is really bad 🫠 After 24 hours – 80%, but active screen no more then 2 hours and I using only Safari, YouTube, Instagram, Uber.(iPhone 11 battery capacity 93%) #ios #ios15 #apple #iphone #iOS154 #battery #batterylife #bug

– Maxim Shishko (@lamaks_3) March 16, 2022

Translation of the Tweet: “The battery life in iOS 15.4 is really bad. After 24 hours: -80%, but the screen is active no more than 2 hours and I only use Safari, YouTube, Instagram, Uber (iPhone 11 battery capacity: 93%).”

ios 15.4 battery drain is absolutely ridiculous. why can’t @Apple @AppleSupport ever get releases right the first time 😒 down 5% in less than 10 minutes.

— JY 📷 (@laceup524) March 16, 2022

Translation: “Os 15.4 battery drain is absolutely ridiculous. Why can’t @Apple @AppleSupport do the releases correctly all at once? 😒 5% less in less than 10 minutes.”

Tip to prevent the iPhone from consuming a lot of battery:

If you have noticed excessive battery consumption since you installed version 15.4, we recommend that you close all the apps that you have open and that you restart the iPhone. make a hard reset and check that the consumption returns to be, more or less, the same as it was before installing this version.

ManzanaPossibly, given the avalanche of complaints, it may be that it launches iOS 15.4.1 this next week.