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Juice offers us a different way to watch YouTube videos

Juice offers us a different way to watch YouTube videos

The Juice app is used to watch and discover YouTube videos in a way that we are completely used to.

YouTube is the king when it comes to video platform, and due to this there are countless applications related to it. Juice is one of those applications, and it offers us a different and original way to view and discover videos on YouTube: through “cards”.


The card system is currently booming as it is a simple and intuitive way to carry out actions in applications. In Juice this card system is implemented to save videos by swiping right or discard them by swiping left.

Although the app is designed to access with our YouTube account and for the videos of the accounts to which we are subscribed to appear on the main screen, it can be used perfectly without it. In the app we find a simple interface composed mainly of 5 icons that are at the bottom.

The first icon is the “Home” icon. Here we would find the videos of the accounts we follow if we had synchronized our YouTube account. The second icon allows us to discover popular videos, separated by categories and user accounts. With the third icon or central icon we can search for videos, appearing the main result of the search and being able to move to videos related to the system of sliding the «cards».

The fourth icon is where the videos that we have saved are stored, that is, this is where we will find the videos that we have swiped to the right. Finally we have the icon that allows us to access our YouTube user account if we have linked it.

As you can see, it is a very different and at the same time intuitive way of viewing and discovering videos, being able to save them to watch them later, even without having to access our YouTube account. you can download Juice from here.