Learn English Playing with Duolingo for Kids

There are many ways to learn English, but what better way to do it than playing in the best “4 pictures and 1 word” style? We introduce you Duolingo an application that will allow you to learn languages ​​as if it were a game.

Duolingo, through a game with different levels and audio lessons, allows you to learn English in a didactic but at the same time playful way. So you can have fun learning and level up like someone who passes class. Very similar to the 4 pictures and 1 word games.

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Duolingo Features

  • Duolingo allows you to learn Spanish to English, English to French, German to English, French to English, Portuguese to English, Italian to English, English to Spanish, and English to Italian.
  • Many levels that you must overcome.
  • Each level has a special theme, and each one is divided into 4 sublevels. (family, animals, sports, world, street etc.).
  • Style 4 photos and 1 word.
  • Levels with written classes.
  • Audio for you to learn pronunciation.
  • Statistics panel (Words, streak and points), as if it were a game and not a teaching application.
  • 100% free.
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Download DuolingoLearning English has never been so much fun. Duolingo ideal for those who begin to learn English from “zero” and for children.

Duolingo is a free application, and it is compatible with all kinds of Android 2.2 and later mobile devices.