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Listen FREE to the song you want on Spotify for iPhone

Listen FREE to the song you want on Spotify for iPhone

If you have the free version of Spotify for iPhone, you can listen to the song you want without having to be Premium.

Today we are going to teach you listen to the song you want on Spotify for iPhone, without the need to be Premium. In other words, without having to pay monthly, you can choose what you want to listen to from your iPhone.

Spotify is the music service that competes against Apple Music, and the truth is that it is a really good platform. Being a universal application, we can listen to it on any device, something that makes it really good and that you don’t have any problem listening to music on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Play Station…

But this time we are going to focus on the free version of this platform on iPhone, which, as you may have seen, we can only listen to music randomly…or so you think.


The first thing we have to do is enter the app, search for the song we want to listen to and click on the 3 points that appear right next to the song title.

Now a menu will appear in which we have to click on the tab «Add to Playlist». It will ask us right after that we choose the list in which we want to save this song.

Since what we want is to listen to it as many times as we want, we will have to put it on a list in which only this song is included. In this way we are only going to reproduce that one, we remember that it can only be done randomly.

Now we go to the list in which the song is. For that, we go to the main menu and click on “Your Library”. Inside we will see all the options that we have available and one that is the one that we need «Playlist». This is where we need to click.

We look for the list in which the song that we have added is found and that must be alone. Once inside, click on “Random” and it will start playing.

And this is where the trick comes in. If the song has already finished and we want to listen to it again, we must close the app and reopen it. Once this is done, we go once again to the list we have created and click on Random again… and the song is played again!!

So if you don’t have a Premium version, this is the best way to listen to whatever you want on Spotify for iPhone without paying anything.