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Meet the new YouTube profile cards feature for users

Meet the new YouTube profile cards feature for users

Last September, YouTube began testing a new YouTube profile cards feature. It displayed a user’s public information and comment history on the current channel. The feature was touted as a way for creators to more easily identify their biggest fans by offering easy access to their previous comments. Now, YouTube is rolling out the product to the general public, initially on Android.

YouTube hopes the new feature will help users “explore comments, build connections with others, and contribute to a more welcoming YouTube overall,” the company explains.

To use profile cards, simply tap on the profile photo of anyone commenting to see their card. Here, information such as your name, profile picture, subscriptions, number of subscribers, and recent comments will appear in a pop-up card. All of this information is publicly available on YouTube, but the Profile card consolidates it in one place.

If you are already subscribed to the commenter’s channel, the Profile card will indicate this; Otherwise, you can click the red “Subscribe” link to start following the commenter on YouTube.

To be clear, the comment history displayed is not a user’s entire YouTube comment history (although that would be interesting!). Instead, the Profile card only shows comments in the channel you’re viewing when you click to view the card.

A link to the commenter’s channel is also included at the bottom.

Are YouTube profile cards great for identifying trolls?

While YouTube has promoted the feature as a way to connect with community members and identify the top commenters on a channel, it could also be useful for identifying trolls. Being able to view commenter history in the channel can help creators or moderators make more informed decisions about whether future comments from the same users should be hidden, or whether the user is trustworthy enough to earn a spot on the list. of “approved users”, for example.

When the feature launched in testing this fall, feedback was largely positive. The reason? Some see it as a way to help raise the profile of their own channel by being an active commenter. However, in more recent comments, some users request an opt-out option so that their comments are not displayed. Why? They are concerned about comments taken out of context or privacy issues.

YouTube says the feature is available now on Android and will roll out to other devices in the future.

Profile cards are one of the few changes rolling out to YouTube. Also new are optional topics in the Subscriptions feed on iOS, making it easy for subscribers to filter their subscriptions by topics like “Today”, “Not Watched”, “Live”, “Posts”, “Continue Watching” and more.