Merge existing iPhone contacts on my iCloud

Due to the transition between iOS and Android over the years my contacts have been scattered among all the services I use. The current situation I’m dealing with is that about half of my contacts are on iCloud and the other half come from my Gmail account which I set up via the Settings app. I’m a bit of an OCD with this stuff so I wish I had EVERYBODY in iCloud or Gmail.

I don’t know of an easy way to do this. In the iPhone Contacts app, I can turn on / off two groups, the iCloud group and the Gmail group. But there is no “merge” or “sync” option. Am I SOL? Apparently you can do this with a Mac, but I haven’t had access to one since college.

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I have found a solution. I was lucky and actually had contacts in my Gmail account separate from my iCloud (they don’t overlap or duplicate between the two). So I just exported from Gmail in vCard form and then used the iCloud web interface (www.icloud.com) to import them into my contacts. Everything is working fine now.

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