Microsoft: Bethesda’s “first or best” games for Xbox and Windows 10

Some time has passed since the announcement of the purchase of Bethesda along with the entire ZeniMax by Microsoft. However, so far the Redmond giant has been reluctant to talk about plans related to this takeover, incl. because the transaction has not yet been formally finalized. We learned little more from a recent speech by Tim Stuart at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference. According to the Seeking Alpha website (via Video Games Chronicle), Xbox’s financial director raised the issue of the potential exclusivity of Bethesda’s games. He stressed that there are no plans to withdraw the company’s titles from Sony and Nintendo platforms, but these items are to appear “first or best” on Microsoft’s platforms:

In the long run, we’re not going to just retire all of Bethesda’s work from Sony and Nintendo etc. But we want this content to end up first, better or the best in the end on our platforms.

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Stuart also mentioned that Microsoft wants to use Bethesda’s productions to promote the Xbox Game Pass. This is nothing new, since Phil Spencer has been emphasizing for months that it is not the sale of consoles, but the success of new services that is of greatest importance for the Redmond giant (which is confirmed by statistics). The head of the Xbox also assured that the ZeniMax brands will continue to appear on competitors’ devices.

Microsoft: Bethesda’s “first or best” games for Xbox and Windows 10Microsoft has repeatedly made it clear what it puts in the ninth generation of consoles.

While it is easy to understand the release of Bethesda games first on Microsoft platforms, the question of the potential superiority of the releases of these productions on Xbox and Windows 10 over versions for competing systems is unclear. Is it about exclusive content, as Sony does for the Call of Duty series, for example? Or maybe – although this is a controversial idea – technical refinement is involved? Unfortunately, Tim Stuart did not go into details and it is possible that Microsoft itself is not sure yet what it would look like. Anyway, the company does not plan to start the war for exclusive titles with Sony again, despite the desire to buy more studios.

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