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New iPhone and iPad Apps We Love

New iPhone and iPad Apps We Love

We bring you the best app releases of the week. Five applications that we love and that have come to stay for a long time in our iPhone Y iPad.

The best new apps of the week

Thursday again and with the arrival of the equator of the week, here come the new apps most outstanding that have reached the apps Store in the last days.

This week we bring you games, cheap apps, a Wi-Fi tracker… even a super interesting app that tells us about the sensory endings of our feet. Without a doubt, a great compilation that you cannot miss.

The most interesting new apps for iPhone and iPad of the week:

Here we show you the most outstanding premieres that have taken place between June 30 and July 7, 2022.

Feet Finder++ :

Feet Finder

Did you know that the soles of the feet contain more sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body? This app is a true encyclopedia of foot care. It contains a useful routine, scientific materials and interesting stories.

Download Feet Finder

Artery Gear: Fusion :

Artery Gear

Assemble a team of clockwork girls to fight against the brutal “puppets” that devour the world. Dazzling special skill effects, she feels the beautiful and refreshing visual and auditory battle feast. She plans skill combinations and enjoys the fun of strategic battles. More than 100 mechanical girls with distinctive characteristics will fight side by side with you.

Download Artery Gear

Dog Hotel Tycoon: Dog Hotel :

Canine Hotel Tycoon

Create the dream hotel for every dog. Feed them, play with them and take them to contests in this idle tycoon simulation. Build your own Hotel for Dogs and create a canine paradise. Take care of your guests, pet them and take them to dog talent shows.

Download Dog Hotel Tycoon

Split Bills easily :

Split Bills easily

It is a very useful tool to divide any account and pay it as a group. It is not necessary to perform repetitive calculations, just enter the invoice and the app will show how much each person must pay.

Download Split Bills easily

Wi-Fi Radar: Network Detector :


This app allows you to verify any network intelligently, based on its knowledge of thousands of devices. If a device is recognized, WiFi Radar provides details about the device’s capabilities, helping you make the right decisions about how to protect your privacy and the privacy of the people you care about.

Download Wi-Fi Radar

Without further ado, we hope we have discovered applications that you find interesting and you know, see you in three weeks.