Night Shift is now available for macOS Sierra. Is it better than F.lux or still needs to improve?

Apple recently launched macOS 10.12.4 via the Mac App Store. This is the latest version of macOS Sierra and it brings some pretty cool improvements, like ‘Night Shift’, a feature that many have been waiting for since it was released on iOS.

According to Apple:

Many studies show that exposure to bright blue light at night can affect our circadian rhythms and make it more difficult to fall asleep. After sunset, Night Shift will shift the colors on the screen to the warmer end of the spectrum, making the screen easier to see on the eyes. In the morning, the screen returns to its normal settings.

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As a user of F.lux I’ve been enjoying similar functionality on my Mac for a long time now and now I have to decide whether to use Night Shift or continue using F.lux as I have been doing so far.

In fact, following Apple’s announcement, F.lux developers responded to Apple saying that Night Shift does not reduce blue levels enough, and they published a couple of images showing the intensity of colors with F.lux and with Night Shift, and it is clear that if the key is to reduce the shades of blue, F.lux does a better job.

Night Shift is now available for macOS Sierra.  Is it better than F.lux or still needs to improve?

Now, if there is something I don’t like about F.lux, it is that at night the screen becomes too yellow, a result of reducing the blue and green tones a lot, although it certainly bothers the eyes less.

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In addition, F.lux is an additional application that you have installed on your Mac. And Night Shift already comes by default in macOS.

On the other hand, F.lux is free and available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. That is, you can enjoy F.lux on all your devices.

However, before making a final decision, I will try Night Shift for a couple of weeks and at the end of that time I will share my impressions with you and make a final decision between Night Shift and F.lux.